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Public Attributes

__fehoptions Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

char * actions [10]
unsigned char adjust_reload
unsigned char alpha
unsigned char alpha_level
unsigned char aspect
unsigned char bg
char * bg_file
unsigned char bgmode
unsigned char blur_button
unsigned char borderless
unsigned char cache_thumbnails
char * caption_path
unsigned char collage
char * customlist
unsigned char cycle_once
int debug
int default_zoom
unsigned char display
unsigned char draw_actions
unsigned char draw_filename
char * filelistfile
char * font
char * fontpath
int force_aliasing
unsigned char full_screen
int geom_flags
unsigned int geom_h
unsigned int geom_w
int geom_x
int geom_y
unsigned char hide_pointer
unsigned char hold_actions [10]
char * image_bg
unsigned char index
unsigned char index_show_dim
unsigned char index_show_name
unsigned char index_show_size
char * info_cmd
unsigned char jump_on_resort
unsigned char keep_http
int limit_h
int limit_w
unsigned char list
unsigned char loadables
char * menu_bg
unsigned char menu_button
unsigned char menu_ctrl_mask
Imlib_Font menu_fn
char * menu_font
char * menu_style
gib_style * menu_style_l
unsigned char mode
unsigned char montage
unsigned char multiwindow
unsigned char next_button
unsigned char no_blur_ctrl_mask
unsigned char no_menus
unsigned char no_pan_ctrl_mask
unsigned char no_rotate_ctrl_mask
unsigned char output
char * output_dir
char * output_file
unsigned char pan_button
unsigned char paused
unsigned char preload
unsigned char prev_button
unsigned char quiet
unsigned char randomize
unsigned char recursive
int reload
unsigned char reload_button
unsigned char reverse
unsigned char rotate_button
unsigned char scale_down
unsigned char screen_clip
unsigned char slideshow
double slideshow_delay
int sort
char * start_list_at
unsigned char stretch
int thumb_h
unsigned int thumb_redraw
char * thumb_title
int thumb_w
unsigned char thumbs
char * title
char * title_font
unsigned char unloadables
unsigned char verbose
unsigned char xinerama
unsigned char zoom_button
int zoom_mode

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file options.h.

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